No one will ever look back and see this lad having left all his heart on the line. Uncomfortably, but uncontrollably he loved all the way.

The story turns into talking points. The why? The maybe you just foolish. No one will remember the zeal, the breathless moments. The commitment to do right, not only to oneself but also to those that upheld him.

No one will remember the heartaches the struggle to shake off, someday it will be a senseless memory of the past. Bitter to the none forgivers. Sweet to the nostalgic. And comical to the rest.

No one will remember, his name though will be muddied. He will be mocked and compared, reduced to less.

No one remembers to talk about the pain, in the process, the sleepless night sitting, knowing that one is simply not enough.

No one will remember the effort, no one remembers effort if you don't win, having tried, having left all of it on the table, don't mean a thing.

No one will remember the promises of a goodbye. Like a consolation price, all parties know it's mere ceremonial.