Peace I seek, in a past, perhaps long forgone; perhaps not worth hanging onto.
Peace I find, in a future, light and relieved from my self inflicted burdens.
Peace I dream, may it not be in a world without flaw, may it be in a world’s whose flaws made it.
Peace I discover, raising my head from indignation, having ran out of lamentation.
Peace I live, because life is too short lived. Because I need to live.
Peace I raise, often hidden in plain-sight, other times just obfuscated by today.
Peace I fear, fear of what I’m leaving behind. Fear that it is ephemeral.
Peace I distrust, for all that has been lost along the way, scam artist.
Peace I repulse, today’s promise is tomorrow’s growing pain. pretender of welfare.
Peace I implore, life shows glimmers of it, of that time, oh so perfect.
Peace I accept, although elusive, prospect of salvation conquers the fear of falling short.
Peace I need.