There’s no holiday that makes me more conflicted than the Fourth of July. Fan of history, geography and flags I knew how to sing the Splanged banner by 9 and wanted to join it’s Navy by 12. Just as today, by virtue of aspirations to its ideals: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I felt American. Native of a nation so divided there’s no forseen political solution to its aches, my idolatry of America was the antidote to my homeland’s fate.  Can we inhibit ourselves first in the greatness of these [ … ]
So I torture myself by following Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos but I also follow CAFE and The Young Turks or Occupy Democrats. My whole premise for doing this is, there has always been opposing views historically, I genuinely refuse of only feeding myself with thoughts that echo my own beliefs, somewhere in there is hidden a truth. But this was not the most shocking thing I’ve read in the past few months, in context, it’s just to highlight how dangerous propaganda is and how in 2030 the kids of that generation will be exposed [ … ]
This is my first political post. I've always been intrigued by conflicts and maps, this for me is another way to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. Diclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert, I'm just seeking a different perspective from the one in the media and this encourages me to tackle the issue from different angles and ask questions. So let's get political! Without going much into details, the Sunni and the shia division occurred over the dispute of succession to the prophet Mohamed. The prophet had two eligible successors, one was a member selected [ … ]