Ravens game! vs Pittsburgh

I have the feeling this fall is going to be the season for a lot of first times. I've started being a ravens fan in 2000, back home, we had a channel called Canal Horizon that would show american football games sporadically. Twice I saw a Ravens game on TV. Back then they were far from being underdogs, yet they were ill spoken about. I then decided I would be a ravens fan, I've always been drawn to teams that are underdogs, for some reason, and at that time I decided the ravens will be my
Community Shield Positives for Arsenal

Community Shield Positives for Arsenal

Every gooner on the planet is celebrating the Community Shield victory over Manchester City. Make no mistake however, the team we faced was a very disorganized, unfit and confused, however rest assured it will not be the same City we will face in EPL. It is arguable that their poor performance is a concern of theirs, or we gooners could be optimistic that we are the ones ahead of the game. There were a lot of positives to take away from the game. chalmers looked like a very credible CB, but not

Few of my Favorite Sporting Moments Ever

To make this simple, I'll only include the moments of my life that I remember, narrowing it down to the last 15 years or so. Zidane volley vs Bayern Leverkusen (UEFA Champions League Final 2002) Real Madrid started the trend of combining superstars in one team, instead of grooming them, this generation of Madristas were the Galacticos, and as any great team, the objective is to win the champions league, and oh, they did with class. Lance Amstrong "look" in 2001 Alpes de l'Huez, Climb of the G