There’s no holiday that makes me more conflicted than the Fourth of July. Fan of history, geography and flags I knew how to sing the Splanged banner by 9 and wanted to join it’s Navy by 12. Just as today, by virtue of aspirations to its ideals: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I felt American. Native of a nation so divided there’s no forseen political solution to its aches, my idolatry of America was the antidote to my homeland’s fate.  Can we inhibit ourselves first in the greatness of these [ … ]
Mind is buzzing of thoughts I’ve nurtured through my stay. In all the questions I’ve sought answers to, I’ve discovered many more to be unsure of. In the stare of that man begging, wandering from wagons to streets, seeking coins to satisfy his hunger. The draw of luck may land him a bill that would make him feel satiated but not forever satisfied. He may wander, but he is far from lost. He knows where to be. He can read kindness in the patrons eyes, perhaps gambles at times, or just desperate. Regardless [ … ]
Mama Africa Oh you of rich history, legends and tales, envious to no other, Nations of hospitality, so welcoming, duped into forsaking your own birth rights. Oh you of morals, high and unflinching, beliefs transcending supernatural, Engrained into a way of life, the way of life of the motherland. Oh you land of flourishing fauna, deep savannah, blessed soil with minerals. Oh you of plenty faith, banner to your identity, that brandishes your faith, which ever it may be, as the only way. Oh you of rich family ties, may your brothers be more than blood [ … ]
Are we Generation Egregious Emotiveness There hasn’t been a single generation that has consumed romanticism as much as my generation. We express it in the way we speak, the way we act, we portray this senseless hope, senseless optimism, false perhaps, that we may reach unattainable heights, that we as a whole can do better than everyone prior. We carry the emotiveness further than no one; raves, concerts that allows us as a generation to be inhibited by sweet melody that destroys any true sense of reality, but leaves us dreaming, indeed, a lot we [ … ]