Tola & Niyi Wedding Highlights from Femster on Vimeo. Last weekend, two friends very dear to me got married. Being close to both I have had the unique experience of being a groomsman to both sides. For some moment I have wondered what it would be like behind the scenes of a wedding and It has not deceived, it is truly all you'd imagine from such an event. Love and Passion, Stress and Anticipation for the organizers, and lot of anxiety and excitement for the weeding party. Your friends begin new lives, that yet may make your [ … ]
Usually when I post about trips, it's just pictures but this time the experience was unique enough to warrant it a few words. We have spent a few days in a town called Port Orange, near Daytona Beach. I've Traveled quite a bit but there was nothing quite like it. We were fortunate to have discovered a little exclusive 'locals only' beach where we spent most of our days by the water. Despite the very hot and humid sun of Florida in beginning of August, or the intermittent storms, it still was a very enjoyable time. [ … ]