It could have been tectonic plates doing Russian twist below my feet, from that time on, my life would be different.
Could have been that I woke up, like this like an anointed king,
blessed, from that time on, I should find joy,
Could have been Cupid emptying his arrows toward me like a round in a semi automatic,
No respect for what could have been left of my heart, as long as he hit target.
It could have been, I discovered a treasure. One many spend a lifetime seeking,
Perhaps I’ve found that love thing, that have made people go to war and lose their minds.
It could have been I’ve found what I’ve time and time prayed for,
perhaps someone that will take me for me, and never look back.
It doesn’t count that, her heart is oh so kind, that she’s so sweet and caring
that she does what many see as little little things, but to me, changed my life
It doesn’t count that with her by my side I’ve found balance,
that I was hard, inside, and she patiently worked to take my guard down
It doesn’t count that I was always on alert about other people
that she single handedly tore down those barriers
It doesn’t count that she slowly helped me believe people could be good,
that I could fall asleep, trusting that she’d do right by me
It doesn’t count however, that my heart has chosen,
that from the moment we met, I looked at her and dreamt.