When your authority’s cultural and moral values differ from yours, it may not matter whether you agree in essence, they simply are not yours; you then naturally seek to discredit that authority either by rationally poking holes at their values, which consequently could mean decimating yours as well in the process, and applying a platinum standard for cases where the discredit doesn’t affect your end of the bargain, or going further by simply mounting antiquated or even irrelevant arguments, which roles reversed you wouldn’t tolerate made at your expense. A flagrant example of this is the rhetoric of protesting elections, you chose not to vote in, judging people for the candidate they picked, claiming your right to assemble and protest, while linking posts in the past elections that you won’t admit today you condemned, but convenient enough to validate the legitimacy of your protest because it was done before. Welcome to 2017 in America.
I’ve been here way too long, and perhaps play into the system as well. My foreigner’s butt is terrified of getting citizenship revoked. It is simply easy to get frightened when you hear the inflamarhetoric. I’m a big black guy, who wears hoodies, and walk everywhere, and despite, studying the topic at length, at the zero’th hour I don’t know if the cop will empty his magazine on me due to the socio-economic problems of African Americans in the country, or because that’s what he was trained to do, or like any reputable media would say a day after, I didn’t fall in line just enough. That’s not todays topic, I’ve well documented those fears.
I’ve also written about the disproportionate seek of sensationalism before, I called our generation “egregious emotiveness”, we are a generation of thrill, validation, offended way too quickly, because Vines, Snapchat and 10 seconds snips are our informed opinions. we are simply not taking the time to do the research, I don’t mean conspiracies, but at least the study the Psychology of conflict, or simply acknowledging diversity of ideas. 
Today, regardless of the opinion we chose, if we click around enough on a media, at every take we can come up with 10 more opinions validating one political discourse. Technology’s format to discussion are changing the way we are communicating, one post highlights a specific opinion at a given time, but we don’t get to tell it apart as one of many varying opinions. Op-ed’s at least allow for a rebuttal, but we are reading without ever really putting into question our own opinions, no real safe space for rational discussions, hence America’s inability to rebut. 
I’ve highlighted this also in this piece, where I describe how perpetrated propaganda, unchecked, can sustain a generation worth of rhetoric. We’ve all seen that forwarded text on whatsapp about Facebook closing, it will reach the one millionth person before it is said not to be true, but at that point damage has been done. You don’t have to believe me, here’s an article that goes in depth.