Home is when your ailing uncle drained out of his blood, stares you in the eye bloodshed worried for you. Your only grief is one that time may heal, yet his life’s purpose is to humbly be about others. Home is the joy, the brotherhood, walking in the streets feeling invincible, well accompanied. It is that connection, inexplicably unkept but as surprisingly as ever, self asserted. Home is the strength of the family in it’s faith, the grotto of the granny, the crosses on the wall, the similar prayers, devotion, that God may lift [ … ]
Taking Flight

Taking Flight

It is again sort of that time of the year again, where I get to live out of my bag for 2 weeks, headed to Iceland, Denmark, Sweeden, Norway and Germany. Instead of a play by play of these oh so well covered nations, I'm inclined more to just share some of the dearest memories from it. Taking flight over the glaciers of iceland, where ice, rain, clouds, mountains, and lakes all blend to create this numbing view. wouldn't de iceland, without of course a huge touch of a very blue sky in a hot summer [ … ]
Somedays I yearn for my home, where I come from? perhaps where I belong. My home in my mind is the place I grew up. The church bells through the city during lunch time The Muezzin so zealous, the monring call to pray, sounds like one made in the middle of the day. The beach, the sand under my feet, the smell of the draw of the day resting in baskets waiting to be picked up. Nothing feels like my home like the two bricks, on the same line spaced out by measuring your two feet [ … ]